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OUR Sites focus is to help teenagers who struggle with mental health/illnesses.  We want to create a safe place for people like us.  We can relate/understand dealing with mental illnesses or disabilities, because we, ourselves deal with these hardships.

Male, 17

This website means a lot to me because as a child my dad was never in my life, drugs took ahold of him and didn’t let go until he finally overdosed. Even though I never knew him I still felt as if I owed him something, some kind of representation of my value that could win his love back. I grew up with no dad, it hurt so much to see commercials of dads and sons playing sports or doing things together. Even in real life, seeing kids enjoy time with their dad while all I could do was just hope I could figure out all of these things that dads normally teach their sons. My mother was there for me while he wasn’t, up until middle school, when my mother decided to finally give in to her addiction to drugs. She started to do them more and more searching for that perfect high she could never reach. Instead of loving her children she thought her happiness was elsewhere. My grandmother finally decided it was enough when my mom stole her car for a week. This was during the beginning of my freshman year, on top of that a month later my dad overdosed. With those things piling on over my life it started my chain of sadness I couldn’t help. I felt terrible but never felt the urge to end it. I still think about how hard you have to hurt to want to not live, to not continue to go on with anything. The reason why this website means so much to me is because even with my own struggles I have never reached that point, I never reached the point of no return and it scares me to know that others have gotten to that point.

Female, 14

This website is important to me because it symbolized my past. When I was younger, I struggled with my appearance and the skin that I was in. This made me very insecure which later allowed people to bully me. I was told over and over again that I will never be anything good in life. This discouraged me deeply and I would always cry myself to sleep asking God “Why did he create me this way?” “why would he allow people to mock me?” “Why? Why? Why?”. At one point, I was still searching for these answers so I began to find another solution that lead me to cutting myself. I later realized that cutting myself was mainly for “show” and a way of getting people to feel sorry for me. This eventually lead people to fall in the trap of liking me. When all I really wanted was a environment that I felt safe and secure in. This is why I am so grateful for this website because it give other people that place that I never had.

Female, 16

This website means a lot to me especially because this intakes more of a personal side of me. I have always wanted a website that I could go on and relieve pounds of words I have within me. Empty out every ounce of feelings that overtake my body. A safe place where I can come out feeling relieved and better than how i felt when i went on it. I have personally gone through a lot and it would of helped me if a website like this was made. One of the ideas I suggested has now become a big thing which could lead to something else that could make an impact.

Female, 14

I’ve always had a passion for helping people. Part of the reason for that was that I never really had anyone there for me when I was a child. Throughout my life, it’s always been me and my little brother: our parents were so consumed by their addiction. This website means a lot to me because it will help people who are in situations similar to mine. It will act as a safe haven for people to come and relieve the pain that’s bottled up inside them. This website is going to make a huge impact on people.

Female, 17

All my life i’ve been struggling with mental illnesses.  I’ve always felt alone and never really had anybody to talk too. Opening up to people is scary, but at one point everyone needs to let out the emotions that are being bottled up. Mental illnesses are serious and living with them i know first hand how out of control they can get. This website means something to me because i know how it feels to feel abandoned and detached from the world. I know this website is going to have an amazing impact. Being able to talk about the struggles and hardships of life really can help

Female, 16

I myself have mental illnesses so I want to help others who deal with this things. I have PTSD, depression, and anxiety so these topics mean very much to me. I am only 16 yet I have had my fair share of trauma. This website means so much to me because now other teens would be able to have a safe place in order to feel like they are listened to and not alone like  I was.

Female, 16

It means so much to me because I went through alot in my past and what I went through was similar to what people go through today. My parents would argue a lot and not get along at all. It would sometimes get out of hand and get physical, I hated when that happened I felt as though that I couldn’t do anything at all.  Also I wanted to fit in school, I wanted  people to like me and I became very insecure about my body. I became depressed and turned to a friend that was a bad influence on me she did drugs, cut herself, and overdosed. I started to follow in her foot steps and started cutting myself and I had suicidal thoughts. I love this topic because I really want to help people and I have a passion for this and want to inspire people. I want to reach out to those that feel as though they don’t have a purpose or those that are going through hard times because I can relate too, I was there at some point. It’s good to share your experience because some people might not be able to go through it like you did, people handle situations differently. It would mean so much to me to know that I actually helped someone get through their situations. I have researched a nice amount of websites and they just give information on teen issues and not really encourage and help people that actually want help. Our goal is to actually touch people and give them a hand in their hardships.

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